Sets itself apart for style,
class and elegance.
Each shirt is unique,
live it and wear it in style!

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The prestigious brand
dressing Italian men since 1911.
Carefully selected fabrics and finely crafted details
make each GHIRARDELLI shirt
a must-have item in every man’s closet.

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Sets itself apart for style,
class and elegance.
Each shirt is unique,
live it and wear it in style!

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The result of careful selection
of lab-tested exclusive treatments,
this shirt keeps a groomed look even
after being worn for the entire day.

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Has been telling a story of style,
class and elegance for over one hundred years,
making each occasion unique and exclusive.
Finely crafted details and luxurious fabrics
make this product a real must-have.

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The leitmotif in the woven fabrics package is a simple and super-chic style: fabrics that are very comfortable, easy to wear and to handle after each use, in line with our hectic everyday lives.
Small patterns and interweaving of fabric fibers, with an almost invisible touch make each shirt much more peculiar.
This package has been designed with a wealth of unique weaves and an exquisitely refined look.
These fabrics lend themselves to shirts with a whimsical touch, suitable for those in search of something different.
The high-density threads and textures are ideal for patterns of unique sumptuousness and taste, sure to satisfy the most demanding customers.


Simple stripes and small checks are a staple in our collections, together with the hound’s tooth pattern.
Stripes and checks are the sporty and casual soul of this collection.
It’s a new way of dressing up, complementary to the traditional shirt.
Items for downtime – relaxed, unconventional, distressed and young – but without sacrificing elegance.
Stripes came first in shirts, and are considered more formal than checks. Still, checks are very common in shirts, and contribute to a less rigorous look.


This line of solid fabrics employs unique processes to yield intense color effects and extraordinary softness.
Starting from white all the way to black, it goes through the most popular colors like pale blue, blue, gray.
These fabrics have always been worn by the most elegant and sophisticated men.
This wide range of choices comes in an extraordinary variety of weights for all seasons, and is a complete offer for customers interested in soft and shiny fabrics.


We found great samples in our archives and reinterpreted them with a modern twist in these fabrics meant to be worn under a jacket.
As a tribute to tradition, the patterns in this collection are completely renewed with a spirit that combines classic lines and attention to contemporary fashion trends.
Elegant, decisive, suitable for any occasion, the shirt made with these fabrics finds itself effortlessly at ease in the most formal situations as well as on an evening stroll by the ocean.
It will stand out under the jacket, but it will be spectacular even when worn alone.


Comfort fabrics are durable and soft, stretchy and easy to wear all day long.
Elegance is combined with the comfort of a more formfitting fiber, also suitable for more formal business settings – a winning tailored look.


Every season, Ghirardelli expands the bespoke collection with new fabrics to satisfy market demands.
Fresh fabrics for the summer season and warmer effects for the winter season.


Fabric is where it all begins for the quality of a beautiful formal shirt.
Elegance is in small details like buttons, cuff links, hem gussets and embroidered initials.
Mannerisms that separate a man with class.
The shirt’s sartorial cut enhances body contour, the unique figure of the wearer’s silhouette.
A white shirt is the fifth essence of Classic.
Dominating in the past as the only possibility for a gentleman, today it is a prominent fashion product, a deliberate choice.
No valued customer anywhere in the world would show no appreciation for the classical refinement and the magnificent elegance of these silky fabrics for special occasions.


Ghirardelli offers tailored tailoring shirts service
available in the best boutiques.

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